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The ART Consulting experts have deep expertise and experience in implementing projects for the largest companies in Ukraine and the CIS countries.

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Business intelligence

Decision making process operational efficiency depends on the data prompt collection and correct interpretation of operational information systems.

Business Intelligence technologies are used to optimize these processes providing convenient high-speed access tools, viewing and analyzing large amounts of information, which can be carried by transactional systems or consolidated in data centers.

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Big data

Amount of information stored in the world grows by about 40% every year. Data becomes more chaotic and unstructured and processing speed requirements grow. Our company offers a full range of services: architecture preparation, equipment selection, implementation and maintenance of Big Data systems implemented on the basis of leading vendors products such as Cloudera, Hortonworks, DataStax, Oracle, IBM, EMC (Pivotal), Teradata, etc.

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Corporate content management

Any company faces problems with paperwork at a certain point of its development. Of these, documentation loss, lack of control on assignments execution, continuous contracting and other documents disharmony, etc. Our company offers corporate content management implementation and services systems on the ECM-solutions of world leaders' platforms — EMC, IBM, Alfresco, ABBYY. Highly qualified specialists can solve complex problems and achieve high-level results, improving customers' business efficiency.

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Testing and QA

The productivity of technical decisions and fulfillment of functional requirements at developed system should be evaluated at each stage of design, implementation and modernization of information systems'. If system problems are being detected during industrial operations it may cause critical consequences for the company’s business. Our company has extensive experience in system testing, including such complex systems as:  ERP, CRM, DWH-systems; BSS / OSS / Billing solutions; Automated Banking Systems.

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Support and development of informational systems

Company rapid growth leads to an increase of business processes in the organization, automation projects and as a result to the complexity of the IT infrastructure. Instead of implementing new projects IT services are overloaded with the support of current IT systems. It leads to inadequate attention to the information systems projects development, schedule overrun and as a result to the enterprise competitiveness loss. Outsourcing specialists from our company not only guarantee implementation quality but it allows to minimize the costs of the company in most cases.

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Project management

Project management outsourcing is often needed by organizations without big information systems projects management expertise and requires involvement of external experts.

Our company offers organization of such services: from the project management methodology creation to the activities control at various levels.

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IT strategy development

Main purpose of the IT strategies development projects is to create a formalized scheme that allows effective development of all company’s information system elements. Development of IT strategy allows to minimize financial risks and clearly represent stages of the company information development in future. IT strategy should ideologically continue the overall development strategy, consider business processes in terms of information technology. IT strategy development by our experts will help to link IT development tasks and plans with the company’s strategy and business priorities.

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IT audit

Our team of specialists will analyze current IT applications, IT processes, IT systems and IT infrastructure implementation projects in terms of the support effectiveness of existing and prospective business tasks.

As a result you will receive strengths and weaknesses analysis of the existing IT infrastructure and projects. This analysis will be correlated with the current and future business needs, with the company’s development strategy, which will allow to develop a set of measures to optimize the IT infrastructure further.


We aspire to create additional values for our every client: it is vital for us to work at business objectives level and understand that all the projects generate measureable benefits for the end customers.

ART Consulting provides services for such flagship companies as Kyivstar, VEON, METLife, Alfa Bank, OTP Bank, VTB Bank and others.


Our focus — development and implementation of large information systems.

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Our clients — the world's leading companies.

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Project goals — assist clients in meeting modern world trends and capturing market leading positions by introducing advanced technologies.

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We are looking for talented employees and like-minded experts who want to implement their knowledge and experience in the projects that lead to transformations and changes.

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